The most common questions related to Shine themes. Quickly find your satisfying answers here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to update the theme I’ve purchased from you on ThemeForest.net but now it’s removed. What should I do?

There are themes that we used to sell on ThemeForest but now they are sold on our website only. However, you still have access to theme updates and our premium support even when the theme you’ve purchased is removed from ThemeForest.net. To get theme update, kindly proceed these following steps:

  • Visit our shop page to search for the theme you’ve purchased on ThemeForest. Click on the theme you want and it will link to the product single page. Then click ‘Add to cart’.
  • Click ‘Proceed to checkout’ and fill in your information in billing address part. Click ‘Place order’ and it will direct you to PayPal page, please close the page because you’ve paid the theme already.
  • Send us your order number via our contact form on http://themeforest.net/user/shinetheme. After verifying, we will change the ‘Pending’ status to ‘Completed’ and you can download the theme from the download page.

I couldn’t install my theme, it’s said missing “style.css”

It is because you imported the wrong file. Please extract the downloaded package and install the theme file inside.

Could your themes be translated into other languages than English?

Yes. All of our themes come translation-ready. You can use WPML plugin to translate our themes into your own language. For more information, read the blog to know how to translate a WordPress theme.

Will you customize the theme for me?

We provide our customers with Theme Customization service. If you are in need, you can send your detailed requirements to contact to get the quotation.

How many sites can I use the theme on?

You can use Shinetheme’s themes on as many sites as you desire. Once you purchased our theme, you will be allowed to use it unrestrictedly as well as have access to lifetime updates and support.

Do your themes run on the latest version of WordPress?

Yes, all of our themes are fully compatible with latest version of WordPress.

Do your themes include content?

Content is not automatically installed with the theme installation. However, we provide a content file for all of our themes that includes the dummy content from our theme demos. The content file may be installed by navigating to the Tools > Import section of your WordPress dashboard or Import content by One Click

Can I get a refund?

If you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will be glad to issue a full refund within 15 days from the date of purchase. However, the refund policy only applies for sound reasons from you including: the theme you purchased is malfunctioning, corrupt or does not work as claimed AND you are getting mediocre support.
It is impossible to refund your money in some following cases:

  • The item does not work as it is described and you did not contact us for help.
  • You expected more than it could do.
  • You did not like or need the theme anymore.
  • You bought several themes to compare.
  • You wanted to return it after 15 days of purchase.

How can I update the plugins that come with the theme I’ve purchased?

Once there is an update for any plugin we’ve included in our themes, you will be notified of updating that plugin on the back-end. Although we provide updates for the plugins, you will have to update them manually.

What is a Child Theme? How can I use it?

A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits all styles and functions from another WordPress theme, the parent theme. And this is the place where you can make changes without getting overridden when you update your parent theme[…]