Policies & Checkout

This section allows you setting payment policies, tax and term & Condition

Pre-payment and cancellation policies

This section talk about your prepayment preferences and cancellation policies for bookings.

  1. Select deposit optional: we provide 3 optionals include
    • Disallow Deposit: does not require prepayment
    • Deposit by percent: require payment in advance with a percentage of the total amount
    • Deposit by amount: require payment in advance for a fixed amount
  2. Deposit payment amount: Enter value for deposit by percent and deposit by amount optional
  3. How many days in advance can guests cancel free of charge? When the guest cancels before how long on the day of arrival, they will not be charged a fee.
  4. Or guests will pay 80% how long on the day of arrival, they will be charged a fee.


This section allows you set your local VAT or city tax, so guests know what is included in the price of their stay.

Tax includes 2 species: VAT

    1. Do you use V.A.T? includes 3 optionals
      • No: I don’t need to pay VAT
      • Yes, Included means that all property prices are input using your store‚Äôs base tax rate.

For example, in the UK you would input prices inclusive of the 20% tax rate e.g. You enter a product price of $9.99 that includes $1.67 tax. A customer in the UK would pay $9.99 as defined, and a customer in the US would only pay $8.32.

    • No, Not included means that your property prices need to be tax exclusive.Using the example from above, a UK shop would enter 8.32 at the product price. A tax of 20% would be applied on top of this during checkout making the amount payable $9.99.
  1. VAT/City Tax amount enter the amount
  2. Unit: select a tax type

Term & Condition


  1. Minimum stay: allows you require a minimum stay for your guests
  2. Terms & Conditions: allows you enter Terms & Conditions for your property

Finally, make sure you need to click “Save & Next Step” or “Save Now” to save all settings of the Policies & Checkout section