Plugin updates

In order to add new functionalities, to stay up to date with the WordPress software evolution, to correct bugs, WPBooking plugin is regularly updated.

Updating does not affect the content of your site. All the settings and data associated with the plugin will stay the same.

There are 2 ways to update the plugin:

Whatever method you choose, you should backup your website. Is is not compulsory but backing up periodically your entire installation (entire directory structure + database) is a good idea, especially before making any update to themes, plugins, core files, etc. Learn more about backups here.

Automatic update

If you entered your WPBooking purchase code in the WPBooking settings page you will get notifications of new plugin releases directly on the plugin page and you will be able to update in one click thanks to the Update now action.


FTP update

  1. Go on the Downloads page of and download the plugin again (when you download the plugin you always get the latest version available)
  2. Unzip the plugin (you need to get an unzipped WPBooking folder that can be uploaded on your server later on)
  3. Go on the plugin page and deactivate WPBooking plugin
  4. On your server delete the WPBooking folder which is located in wp-content/plugins (note that this will not delete the WPBooking settings since they are stored in your WordPress installation).
  5. Upload the WPBooking folder you have just unzipped into the wp-content/plugins/ folder
  6. Go on the plugin page and activate WPBooking plugin