WB Stripe

This is an online payment gateway that allows customers to pay via credit card or bank card.

Stripe method in WPBooking plugin is the immediate form of payment to be made online. With this method, orders have 1 in 3 status

  • Payment Failed: Orders are payment via Stripe but fail in the payment process for reasons such as network connection error, account of insufficient funds, etc
  • Completed apart: Orders are payment via Stripe but that is only part of the total amount of money would pay for orders
  • Completed: Orders have been paid the full amount payable


1. Go to WPBooking > Settings > Payment > Stripe tab

2. Configure your settings:

  • Check to checkbox to activate online payment gateway will be offered to your customers.
  • Choose the title shown to customers during checkout
  • Description – Add info shown to customers if they choose Stripe method.
  • Two fields to paste your Stripe API credentials into: Stripe API Live Secret key and Stripe API Live Publishable key. Learn how to get that information from Stripe here.
  • Test Mode: Select Test Mode to enable experimental payments and enter two experimental API keys: Stripe API Test Secret key and Stripe API Test Publishable key Learn how to get that information from Stripe here.This allows you to build your store and process transactions without having to use real money. It does require that your payment gateway ALSO has a test mode, but WPBooking comes with a Test Gateway as well. This means you need to know what gateway you’ll use before you start building your store..

API Credentials

How do I find my Stripe API?

Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Stripe Business account.
  • Click the Your account.
  • Click the Account settings
  • Click the API Keys
  • Copy and paste the Live Secret Key and Live Publishable Key into your stripe settings on the administration dashboard.
  • Complete the process by following your stripe setting final steps.