WB Reviews

WB Review makes it quick and easy for your visitors and customers to review the services offered on your booking website.

WB Review used with WPBooking plugin to replace the default WordPress comment function with the rating area on your single service page with the reviews and ratings from this plugin. This will allow you to better manage your reviews.

After installing the plugin, a review submission form will be automatically displayed underneath all services allowing people to review your service. All reviews follow the same submission handling as a WordPress comment so will require moderating if you have comment moderation turned on.

– Settings

Go to WPBooking > Settings > Service > Service name tab, you can do the followings:

  • Allow user to review without booking: when enabled, guest can review without booking
  • Show Rate (Help-full) button in each review? when enabled, Help-full button will be displayed in search review
  • User can write review on their own listing? when enabled, an author can write a review on their own service
  • User can vote for their own review? when enabled, an author can vote for own review
  • Review Stats: this allows add review stats will be display in review function
  • Maximum review per user: set up number of times a user can write review in a service