WB Form Builder

Go to WPbooking > Form Builder page.

After activating the plug-in has been completed, we make available to you a form called Form 1.

1. Create new form

To create a new form, you can do the followings:

Configure your settings:

  • Click on the link create a new form to go to a page create form.
  • Enter a form name.
  • Click on the button Create Form to create a new form.

2. Group fields

To create a completed form, you have to understand clearly what our fields provided. We divided into 3 groups of fields as follows:

  • Basic fields: This is the basic fields of html.
  • User fields: This is the fields of user. This field does not need to enter the field name.
  • Advance fields:

3. Add fields

To create additional fields on the form, you follow the instructions below:

  • Select the checkbox on the left side.
  • Click the button Add to form, the system will automatically add the field you choose to form.

You can select multiple areas at once, or more simply just choose Select all to add all the fields of this group.

4. Edit field

To edit a field, click on the blue icon to settings. Then it will display 2 fields to enter and a field to choose:

  • Title: This is the name of the field and is displayed in the label when the form is used. This field is not empty.
  • Name: This is value of element name in input tag. This field to save data, so this field not empty, do not use special characters and are not identical. (Note: If in user fields group, this field does not need to enter).
  • Require: If it is checked, this field is required in frontend.

Note: To send notification email for your customers after they finished booking, required enter the name field is user_email or simply just select the mail user in the user group.

The fields in the advanced settings are related to the description and style. These fields can be left empty.

5. Sort field

To arrange your field, hold and drag to the location you choose. you can do the followings:



6. Use for form checkout

And finally to use the current form replaces the old checkout form, you just need to check Use this form for checkout?

7. Other settings

  • Duplicate form: Create a form identical to the current form, namely: Current form (copy)
  • Delete form: Delete the current form.