WB Coupon

This add-on allows you to create discount codes that are applied to one or more services, which can be applied on a single day or multiple dates, with each coupon code that can be set up to limit the number of uses, limited usage times of each customer.

A coupon code will include the following information:

  • Coupon Code: This is the code you enter in the form of characters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9). Length of 8 to 15 characters
  • Services Type:
    • – Apply for all services: This coupon is used for all active services on the system.
    • – Service types: Select one or more services that this coupon applies to.
    • – Custom: Select individual items (one or more items at a time).
  • Values:
    • Calculated according to the percent of the order
    • Calculated according to the fixed value.
  • Coupon Start/End Date: This is the time period applies to this coupon code. It allows applying for multiple days or in a day with start time and end of time. If no enter, no limit time for this coupon.
  • Minimum order value: The minimum amount for this coupon is applied. If not enter, there is no limit to this coupon
  • Usage limit: Limit the number of using coupons per user. If not enter, there’s no limitĀ for this coupon
  • Status: The coupon status.

Checkout Information

How to add the coupon?

Follow these steps:

  • Go to admin page.
  • Click the WPbooking> Coupon
  • Complete the coupon information
  • Click the Add New Coupon
  • Complete the process of adding your new coupon. Now you can provide this code to your customers to use coupon codes

Add Coupon:

Edit Coupon:

Click edit coupon and edit the information of that coupon

List Coupon: