Room Details

This section allows you create rooms in your accommodation

Click to Create New Room button to begin create a room.

Base Information

Configure your settings:

  1. Room Name (optional): allows you enter a name for your room
  2. Room Type: allows you choose a type for your room
  3. Room Number: allows you setting number of room
  4. Bed Rooms: allows you setting number of bed room
  5. Bath Rooms: allows you setting number of bath room
  6. Living Rooms: allows you setting number of living room
  7. Max guests: allows you setting maximum occupancy how many guests

Extra Services

If you wish to offer your customer extra services that they can add to their booking, you will be able to set them on this page. An extra service can be a choice or can be a conscription.

To create an extra service:

  1. Enter the name of the extra
  2. Enter the description of the extra (not required)
  3. Setting maximum quantity can serve
  4. Click on Add new to create
  5. Select one or several extra services that your room will provide
  6. Enter the amount of the extra service
  7. Re-setting maximum quantity can serve (if you want)
  8. Setting the status of extra service. No if is choice, Yes if it is a conscription

[Update – May 2018] Accommodation Improvements

  1. Two types of extra price:

Now you can add extra service per night on accommodation with the following options:

    • Select fixed: the extra price will be fixed when making payment
    • Select per night: the extra price will be multiplied by the number of nights

2. Discount by the number of days:

The administrator can set discount in % by the number of the days. This discount is deducted from the total room price. As shown above, from 3 to 4 days, the discount rate is applied for 3 days. From 5 days or more, a 5% discount is applied for 5 days.


Price Settings

With Calendar Template, you can easy set available status or unavailable for each daily, weekly, monthly or yearly

  1. Base Price: enter the amount of room. This price will appear in search result page, top single accommodation page and appear in the calendar setting section
  2. This Property is available: status “Forever” Default your room available all days.
  3. This Property is available: status “For specific periods” Default your room unavailable all days. Whereby all dates in the calendar setting will have disable status
  4. Check-in – Check-out: select date range to set price and status different than base price and default status in the step 3
  5. Status: setting status for date arrange on the step 4
  6. Nightly Price: enter the amount for date arrange above
  7. Save: Click “Save” to save all settings price by date arrange
  8. Instead of select day in step 4, you can drag mouse in the calendar to get check-in and check-out day
  9. Finally, make sure you need to click “Save & Next Step” or “Save Now” to save all settings above.