WP Reviews – Initial Setup

1. Installation a. Unzip WP Review to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory b. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress c. Insert the License Key from your Purchase History in Downloads → Settings → Licenses 2. Settings  

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Filter allows you to change the gallery list of each service type Parameters: $galleries: (array)  galleries Return: array

Function: WB_Service::get_gallery() File: shinetheme/libraries/base/service.php

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WPbooking Base Gateways

Class WPBooking_Abstract_Payment_Gateway is used for booking payments on various payment gateways. Here are the action and filter that the class uses! Add payment gateway:  add_filter('wpbooking_payment_gateways', array($this, '_register_gateway')); Add Settings Payment for Wpbooking:  add_filter('wpbooking_payment_settings_sections', array($this, '_add_setting_section')); Function: _register_gateway() – Hook callback for register Gateway Sections

Function: _add_setting_section() – Hook Callback for Create Setting Section

Function: get_settings_fields() – Get add settings Output Array settings […]

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Adding and managing Room Type

Room Type used to classify room with according to different Type You can create room type by 2 way: 1. Go to dashboard Services > Room Type Enter name of room type Choose Parent of room type (not required) Click “Add New Room Type ” to create 2. Create Room Type when creating a room service In Add new service process > […]

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Adding and managing Extra Service

Every room usually has a lot of extra services are charged separately. You want to insert extra services To create an extra service has 2 way: 1. Create extra service when creating a room service In Add new service process > Information box > Detail tab: create an extra service here 2. Create amenity from left navigation […]

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Adding and managing Amenities

With every room, amenities is indispensable,  and every room has a lot of amenities To create an amenity has 2 way: 1. Create amenity when creating a room service In Add new service process > Information box > Detail tab: create an amenity here 2. Create amenity from left navigation in dashboard Go to dashboard […]

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Manage coupons

Coupons are created by Admin and Author. You can review these coupons by going to WPBooking > Coupon Coupon displayed order by modified date You can edit a coupon You can delete a coupon

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Adding a coupon

Coupons are a great way to offer discounts and rewards to your customers, and can help promote sales across your shop. To add a coupon, go to WPBooking > Coupon. You can edit existing coupons; or create a new coupon Coupon code – Code used by the customer to apply the coupon. Service – Selection of services that the […]

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Adding and Managing Services

Your products are the core of your eCommerce site. Without them, you don’t really have an eCommerce site, so setting them up properly and making them easy to purchase is extremely important. At a bare minimum, creating your first service is very simple. Click “Services” from your WordPress Dashboard menu Click “Add New” button in […]

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