The Booking, there are 2 ways for paying. You have to choose one of 2 ways:

1. Woocommerce Booking:

+ Plus mark

> You can use all payment methods are supported by Woocommerce.

> You can book more services at the same time.

> All configuration is really easy, just need to setup the Checkout and cart page follow the Woocommerce tutorial.

> If you have experience, it  is one advantage for using Woocommerce Booking.

+ Minus point
> If you use Woocommerce for paying, You can’t add Product( ecommerce shopping cart functionality) anymore.

> Deposit feature is not available on this method.

> We don’t provide email template for this method, all email templates will be used of Woocommerce.


2. Modal booking:

+ Plus mark: 

> There are 2 Booking methods:

  • Booking online: Paypal + Payfast + PayStripe, just need to enter your Payment information to receive money.
  • Booking offline: Submit form, in this method, user will pay offline.

> We provide some email template for this method, you can do custom it easy.

> Deposit feature is available on this method.

> You can add Product for saling on site, ex: some tourist souvenirs, regional specialties..

+ Minus point

> If you use this method, you can only do booking 1 service at once.

> There are 4 payment methods, if you want to add more, you have to research and custom it yourself.

> There are many configurations and you have to research on Document.


Important notice: 
Now we don’t have options that allow using the both Woocommerce Booking and Modal Booking at once. You should consider before using any method.