Every time a new theme update is available you’ll receive a notification on your administration dashboard.

Don’t forget to backup before updating and remember to always test in a safe / staging environment before going live.

Common Issues and FAQs

No, updating the theme won’t reset your site or settings done through the Theme Options panel, products or pages. The only thing you should be concerned about is custom coding, if done by altering the original theme’s files.

Custom coding must be done in a child theme, this way you can always safely update the parent theme, while your custom coding is kept safe in the child.

Make sure you went through the Product Activation which enables theme updates for your site. If you cannot find the Product Activation screen in your dashboard, it means you’re using an older version, which doesn’t have the automatic updates feature implemented or the product activation screen. The way to go is to update the theme using the Envato Toolkit or manually, by deactivating and deleting the old version and uploading the new one, which can be downloaded from ThemeForest.

Update Visual composer Manually:

  1.  Go to this link and   Download the newest plugin
  2. Go to Plugins, find VisualComposer > Deactivate and delete it.
  3.  Add new Plugin and Upload Visual Composer:

After upload, you just need to Activate and Use