About Us

Who Are We?

If you are looking for a premium WordPress theme for your website, you just found probably the best resource on the internet. When you are really passionate about doing something, it reflects in your work. WordPress theme designing is a highly competitive segment of the industry and yet we have been able to cut a niche for ourselves in a very short time. This is not just because we are good at what we do, but because we actually love doing it.

Back in 2012, the start-up group named ShineTheme began its journey as a solutions provider providing web developping services based on the extremely popular WordPress CMS. It was a learning curve for the team as it provided a lot of experience and an invaluable insight into what clients look for in their WordPress templates. We realized out of bitter experience that the lack of flexibility in many of the themes made life difficult for our clients. Being their web designing consultant it made our life even worse! We realized that we needed to work on something to give both clients and web designing companies such as ours extra freedom and flexibility.

Flexibility is the name of the game. If the theme that you are working with is impossible to manage and or customize it is just a good design. A functional develop lets a developer take the rudimentary ideas from a client and then use his creativity to transform them into a great looking website. A flexible theme is an indispensable pre-requirement to accomplish that. Being web develop ourselves, we know this and have put our years of experience customizing other people’s themes, into themes developed by us.

Each premium WordPress theme that we release has a built-in theme option panel. It makes customization a breeze. Additionally, we released the Visual Layout Manager recently for our Shinetheme Framework based themes. This gives extra flexibility to our customers. The layout manager allows you to change the design according to your specific needs. What changes can you do? Let’s say, you love the overall structure of the theme that you have purchased. However, there may be side panels which do not serve any purpose for you. Using the layout manager those can be eliminated thus making the theme more acceptable for your website.

Start your web venture with a premium WordPress theme from shinetheme.com and you guarantee yourself a great looking website in no time.