Traveler allows you to use 2 ways for Booking:

  1. Modal Booking with some methods of payment such as Submit form, Paypal, Payfast, Stripe. You can book only one service in one time.
  2. Woocommerce Booking with all methods of payment they support. You can book multiple services in one time.

To activate Modal Booking, you go to Booking Options in Traveler Settings to Enable some options below:

  • Booking with Modal: this is pretty important, so you should enable it at the first. This options will be hidden if you enable Woocommerce Booking.
  • Booking Enable Captcha: This options allow you enable Captcha for Booking Form.
  • Guest Booking: This options allow the guest Booking service without register Account on your site.

To activate Woocomerce Booking, you go to Woocommerce in Theme Options to Enable this option:

  • Use Woocomerce for Booking : this is pretty important, so you should enable it.
  • Show Shipping Information : If you want to show shipping cost, enable this option