This post will help you resolve the troubles with changing text.

Example: If you don’t like:

  • use text “BOOKING NOW” and you like “BOOKING”
  • or “HOTEL” service to other service (“RESORT”)..

You  should watch the video below for a more specific instruction:

Firstly, navigate to Settings -> General -> Site language, choose your language. Let’s take Chinese as an example in this instruction.



Secondly, visit site and press Ctrl + U to see letters representing language. In the picture below, zh-CN represents Simplified Chinese.



Thirdly, navigate to the folder of the theme (wp-content/themes//) and in the folder languages/ (of the theme) you will find file file traveler.po and are default language files that we provide for you to customize in your language..

Please try doing following steps:
1. Rename traveler.po and as language corresponding with your website ( For example, zh_CN.po/ Note: you need to use “_” instead of “-” like in picture above )
2. Change some information to activate language file, please look at this image:travelerfile

Next, open file zh_CN.po with POedit to set up this language file. In taskbar, choose Catalog > Properties

In Language, you choose target language or enter letters representing it.

Click OK to finish.


Now you will see a list of words that you have to translate.

Choose a word then enter its translation in translation box.translation

After finish translating, click Save or Ctrl + S to save translation. Data in file .po will be automatically updated in file .mo

Update .po file

When not found the string to translate, following steps:

Firstly, you go to Download in Traveler to down the latest version.

Secondy, start updating theme as usual (You can see in the file just downloaded, there are a folder and 1 file zip.)

Update po mo file via FTP manager

  1. You need to use FTP account to update in your live site
  2. In the folder of previous version, you need to back up language file po, mo
  3. After that, go to folder of new theme: theme/traveler/language to overwrite language file
  4. Open file .po, .mo with Poedit to edit translation
  5. You should check configuration in Properties before translating(Everything needs to be set exactly as in the video)
  6. Otherwise, language file cant work properly, Click “Update” to update new words of theme into this file before translating



Step 2: Click to “Update” button under taskbar


Waiting some second, the update process missing strings will complete. Now you start translating new words, You see, the number of words increases a lot

Step 3: Click “Save” button under taskbar to update

Step 4: Find and translate strings

Step 5: Click “Save” to update

Note: If after update missing strings, you still do not find the strings to translate. Please contact us by create a ticket in our support system to be help

This is video tutorial for you: 


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