When you purchase our theme from ThemeForest, you can download the Trtaveler files via the ‘Downloads’ tab on your ThemeForest account. When you download Traveler, you can either choose the ‘All Files & Documentation’ option or the ‘Installable WordPress File Only’ option. The former includes the theme files and supporting documents, while the latter only includes the theme’s installable WordPress file. The latter is recommended when you’re only looking to update/install the theme manually. Aside from the digital files you get when you purchase the theme, you also obtain exclusive services that will help you as you use the theme. Below is a full list of everything that is included when you purchase the theme and download all the included files.

How To Download Traveler From ThemeForest

Step 1 – Login to your ThemeForest account and navigate to the ‘Downloads’ tab.

Step 2 – Locate your Traveler purchase, and click the Download button. Choose between ‘All Files & Documentation’ or ‘Installable WordPress File Only’.


Included Files From Your Themeforest Purchase

  • Traveler.zip – Located inside the Traveler Theme folder, this is the installable WordPress file you’ll need to install or update Traveler manually.
  • Traveler-Child-Theme.zip – Located inside the Traveler Theme folder, this is a child theme you can use to make changes to Traveler’s core theme files.
  • Extras Folder – Contains the developer documentation for Visual Composer. These are not ours, but the plugin developers’ documentations.
  • Languages Folder (traveler/language)– This contains all the language files used to translate Traveler, Traveler Core.
  • Demo data: This contain all demo content for each services.
  • Plugins: You can find Traveler code and Visual composer plugin on traveler/inc/files

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