In homepage, there are banner, title, sections and so on. If you want to make your own homepage, you should know what element are used in this page.

There are 5 main elements: ST Camera Slider, ST About, ST Blog, ST Portfolio and ST Investor.

 ST Camera Slider: 

+ Height: unit px or % ( of screen) If you leave it blank, it is set 34 percent of screen as default.

+ Speed: unit ms. If you leave it blank it is set 5000 ms as default

+ Loader: there are 3 styles of loader: bar ( a bar running below image), pie ( a round running at the right top of image), none ( no loader displayed)



It includes sub-element ST Camera Slider items. This one is where you import outstanding images to draw attention at first sight. You should add several sub-elements to show different images.

Background image: Click “+” to add one image.

Button: If you want to add a hyperlink direct to another page, click “Select URL” and add link as well as link text. The text will be displayed right below textbox

Textbox: you can write some quotes or introduction in here. Also, developers can customize slide style by using html in the box


ST About

you can add more details about your company here.
Image: click “+” to add an image to make this part more eye-catching.
Icon:choose an icon appropriate with content
Title: enter a title such as Technology, History, Achievements
Content: enter content.

ST Blog

Style: choose numbers of columns in this section

Number of posts: enter how many blogs are displayed here

Categories: When blog posts are composed, they are categorized already. You can choose categories displayed in homepage by ticking boxes below

Order by: arrange posts in this section.

Sort by: choose 2 styles ascending or descending

Show read more: choose Yes or No. If yes, enter a text representing it


ST Portfolio

Number of posts: decide how many posts are displayed in this section
Categories: choose posts from which categories to display

Order by: arrange posts based on this criterion

Sort by: 2 styles ascending or descending

Show read more: choose Yes or No. If yes, there is “Read more” text containing a hyperlink to the post.

Show load more: choose Yes or No.



ST Investor

Image: Click “+” to import logo images of investors in your company.

Item per page: decide number of logos displayed per page.

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