To add search tab on home page, navigate to Traveler Settings > Search Option > Search Tab section (Fig.1)

In here, click to Add New to create new tab. You can:

  • Title: Enter metabox title
  • Show tab: Turn ON or turn OFF tab
  • Icon: Set up an icon which appear in front of tab title
  • Form Title: Enter Tab title
  • Choose Tab: select a type for your service
  • Use HTML below: you can add a shortcode to display other element instead of displaying search form (Eg. this shortcode [st_list_tour st_number_tour=”4″ st_orderby=”none” st_order=”asc” st_style=”style_4″ st_tour_of_row=”4″ only_featured_location=”no”] showing off a tour list)
Fig.1 – Search Options – create search tab in Home page

To create a Search Form in Home page as the picture below, you can go to Traveler Setting > Tour Options > Tour Search Fields:

Fig.2 – Tour search form


Look at the picture (Fig.4)

Now we provide some fields including: Where (Location field or Location List field), When to check in/check out (Check in, Check out field) , Number of rooms and guests, price filter, name and some taxonomy field

Additionally, depending on locations, you can add more options for Search form by clicking Add new, then put other information such as:

  • Tittle: type text that you want to be the title of field
  • Field name: we now provide some Field names such as:  Where, Departure date, Arrival date, Category, Number of People, Price
  • You can customize size of Form layout 1 ( for normal/small Search Form) and Layout 2 ( for full-page Search Form )
  • If you want this Field search to be compulsory, you just need to turn ON this option.

Fig.3 – Create search field for search form

Fig.4 – Configure search field


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