All our WordPress themes are translation-ready which means that you can easily translate them into any language you want. Here are some instructions:

Firstly, navigate to Settings -> General -> Site language, choose your language.
General Settings ‹ Traveler — WordPress

Secondly, navigate to the folder of the theme (wp-content/themes//) and in the folder languages/ (of the theme) you will find file file traveler.po and are default language files that we provide for you to customize in your language..

Please try doing following steps:
1. Rename traveler.po and as language corresponding with your website ( For ex, German, rename them as de_De.po/ )
2. Change some information to activate language file, please look at this image:

3. Load this file (as the catalog) in the PoEdit and start translating. When done, save the .po file in the folder translations (there are en_EN.po and files already there as an example).
.mo file will be automatically created next to the .po file.

This is an example of translating:

NOTE: Remember to back up your language data before updating the new version of the theme.

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