Video guide How to create new Hotel

How To Create A Hotel

Step 1 – Navigate to Hotel in your WordPress admin sidebar.

Step 2 – Click on the Add New option to make a new hotel. Create a title, and insert your description about Hotel in the editing field. You can use any of our shortcode builder elements inside the post. Or use Visual composer to build content for this Tour, it makes your single is nicely

You can add ST Post Data in single Hotel layout to display this element

Step 3 – Add Facilities from the right side. To assign it to the Hotel, check the box next to the Facilities name.

Step 4 – For a single image, click the first Featured Image Box, select an image and click the Set Featured Image button.

Step 6 – Scroll down to Hotel Settings box, inside you can custom information for your tour

Step 7 – Once you are finished, click Publish to save the post.


Every hotel you create gets a single hotel page. The single hotel page displays all the content of the hotel (the image, text, descriptions, etc). There are various setting for the single hotel page, please see below for information on each section.

1 – Hotel Facilities:

Some basic Hotel Facilities, such as Airport Transport, Fitness Center, Parking Lot, Pool and so forth, are provided on the theme.
When adding a new hotel information, tick facilities you want to. However, each hotel provides its own facilities beside the basic ones, you can add more new Hotel Facilities to the hotel.

How to create Hotel Facitilies:

There are 2 options to create Hotel Facilities:

Option 1: On each single Hotel layout, from Hotel Facilites box in the right side . To create a new Hotel Facilities, click +New Hotel Facilities, then define a name and tick it for the hotel.

Options 2: Navigate Hotels -> Hotel Facilities, then define a name and its icon under New Hotel Facilities.

2 – Hotel Theme:

This is used for selecting the featured type of a hotel:

  • Hotels specializing in organizing luxurious parties
  • Hotels specializing in resort.
  • Hotels specializing in serving those who have a long vacation or honeymoon.

It is possible to add more new hotel theme as you want.

Location Settings

In this tab , you can set up:

  • Hotel Location : Choose a or multiple locations for the tour which is on Database of the theme. View more here. You can search quickly by enter a keyword
  • Real hotel address: Import a detailed tour address, including number, street name, city/province, country.
  • MAP : You just need use the Marker map and move in the map
  • Latitude the latitude will be auto generated
  • Longitude the longitude will be auto generated
  • Map Zoom : Zoom levels will be auto generated

Properties near by Hotel

This option allow you add some service that is near by hotel, this item will show in MAP.

To add New service item near by this hotel, just need to press Add new button, then enter some information below:

  1. Title Enter name of service
  2. Featured Image Upload Featured image for service

  3. Map icon upload image to set map icon for Hotel

  4. Map Latitude enter Latitude of this address

  5. Map Longitude enter Longitude of this address

3 – Hotel Informations

Hotel Detail:

  • Set as Featured: Set as Featured Hotel to highlight the hotel.
  • Hotel Logo: Upload your hotel logo. You can use ST Hotel Logo in single hotel layout to display this element
  • Card Accepted: choose the cards that you accept for payment. You can use ST Detailed Hotel Card Accerpt in single hotel layout to display this element
  • Custom Layout : single hotel have a default layout, you may have more options with the layouts are created. The layouts created by yourself (the guide here)
  • Gallery : Upload the hotel-related photos. You can use ST Hotel Detailed Gallery in single hotel layout to display this element
  • Hotel Video : Introduction Video on Hotel, link URL. You can use ST Hotel Video in single hotel layout to display this element
  • Star Rating : Star level about your Hotel rating. You can use ST Hotel Star in single hotel layout to display this element

Contact Informations Settings:

  • Choose which contact info will be shown? you can choose display author informations (your profile) or display informations that typed in metaboxs below
  • Hotel Email : You will use this email to receive email notification when have a new booking
  • Hotel Website : Hotel Website for searching further info
  • Hotel Phone : Hotel Phone Number for contact.
  • Fax Number : Fax Number of the hotels

Price Setting

  • Auto calculate price avg : Automatically calculate the price of the room during the stay.
  • Price AVG : Adjust the average price of a hotel when Auto calculate price avg is off.

Checkin/ Checkout Options:

  • Checkin Time: input check in Time for Hotel
  • Checkout time: input check out time for Hotel
  • Allow customer can booking full day: Allows booking full day regardless of the check in/out time

Other Options:

  • Book before number of day:  requirements minimum stay time
  • Minimum stay: time required to book before check in

Hotel Policy:

Allows input policy for your hotel. Use ST Hotel Policy in single hotel layout to display this element.

Enter Policies for Hotel

  • Tilte: enter title of Policy
  • Policy Description: Detail of Policy

Discount Flash: allows custom the word displayed on the discount hotels

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