With Dohop’s flight affiliate system, you can turn visits to your travel website into cash. In a few simple steps you can set up Dohop’s unique flight search on your site and start earning money every time a visitor to your site books a flight. Signing up is easy and there is no registration fee. You can create either a stand-alone flight search site, or add our search box to your own travel site.

To start using this service, you follow the instructions below:

1. Create an account and get links.

Firstly, visit the website: http://whitelabel.dohop.com/.

a. If you have not already an account, click the button Get started today !.  At this time, the screen will appear a form to register as follows:

Here, you must follow the instructions to create an account.

b. Or if you already have an account just click on the log in button to sign in.

Once successfully logged in, click on Create a new  whitelabel button to create a new white-label. You continue to follow the instructions to create a whitelabel website.

Now whitelabel interface you just created as follows:

Go to Widgets > Advanced widgets, get the path that we have highlighted in square red. After that, save it and continue the installation in the next Part below.

2. Installed in settings traveler

1. Setup in Flight Options

Go to Traveler Settings > Flight Options.

Enter the link that saved in step 1 to the Flight Search URL field. In Flight Search Fields, you add the fields as shown above.

2. Add a tab for Flight search.

Go to Traveler Settings > Search Options, Press Add new button to add new tab in Display searching tabs, Continue enter some information as below:

Note: In this section of your settings are required to Choose Tab is Flight.

Now that you’ve installed. Here are the results:


Chúc bạn thành công!.