Video guide How to create new Tour

How To Create A Tour

Step 1 – Navigate to Tour in your WordPress admin sidebar.

Step 2 – Click on the Add New option to make a new tour. Create a title, and insert your description about Tour in the editing field. You can use any of our shortcode builder elements inside the post. Or use Visual composer to build content for this Tour, it makes your single is nicely

You can add ST Post Data in single Tour layout to display this element

Step 3 – Add Attractions from the right side. To assign it to the tour, check the box next to the Attraction name.

Step 4 – For a single image, click the first Featured Image Box, select an image and click the Set Featured Image button.

Step 6 – Scroll down to Tour Settings box, inside you can custom information for your tour

Step 7 – Once you are finished, click Publish to save the post.

create tour

Location Settings

In this tab, you can set up:

  • Location: Choose an or multiple locations for the tour which is on Database of the theme. View more here. You can search quickly by entering a keyword
  • Address: Import a detailed tour address, including number, street name, city/province, country.
  • MAP: You just need to use the Marker map and move on the map
  • Latitude Import latitude. See more
  • Longitude Import longitude. See more
  • Map Zoom: Zoom levels


General Settings:

Tour General is some general information of in single tour.  It can contain various useful information and functional blocks: layout, gallery, video, etc.

  • Set as Featured: Set as Featured Tour to highlight the tour.
  • Custom Layout: Layout: Single Tour – Layout 1 is set as default. If you want to change it into the other, choose the others on Custom Layout. What’s more, you can absolutely create your own layout by going to Layouts. How to create a new layout.
  • Gallery: Upload the activity-related photos. You can use ST Tour Detailed Gallery in single tour layout to display this element
  • Video: Introduction Video on Tour by input Youtube link URL. You can use ST Tour Video in single Tour layout to display this element


Contact Information Settings:

In this tab, you can set up

  • Choose which contact info will be shown? you can choose display author information (your profile) or display information that typed in meta-box below
  • Contact Email: You will use this email to receive email notification when having a new booking
  • Website address: Website for searching further info
  • Phone: Phone number for contact.
  • Fax Number: Fax number of the owner activity

This information displays under Tour title in single Tour. With this contact email, you can receive notification e-mail when client booking your Tour


Price Setting

In this tab, you can set up price and discount for each object

  • Adult Price: Enter the price per Adult
  • Fields list discount by Adult number booking: You just need press Add new and enter the discount
    • Step 1: click on Add New button
    • Step 2: Enter title of list discount
    • Step 3: Enter number of people
    • Step 4: Enter Value percent of discount
  • Child price: Enter the price per Child
  • Fields list discount by Child number booking: you can add the optional allow discount when booking for a group of people by
  • Type of discount by people: You want to discount number persons by Percent or Amount
  • Infant Price: Enter the price per Infant


If your site doesn’t allow Children or Infant embarks to Tour, you can TURN OFF the options below:

Disable adult booking: Turn ON to hide number of adult field in booking form, turn OFF to show

Disable child booking: Turn ON to hide number of child field in booking form, turn OFF to show

Disable infant booking:  Turn ON to hide number of infant field in booking form, turn OFF to show

price 2

If your Tour provides some Extra services, you can follow these steps below:
Extra Price

  • Step 1: click on Add New button
  • Step 2: Enter title of Extra service
  • Step 3: Enter Name of Extra service, remember: instant write unsigned 
  • Step 3: Enter number of service
  • Step 4: Enter the price of service

  • Discount by Percent: Discount of this tour by percent
  • Sale Schedule: If you want to set schedule for sale on specific days ( such as sale off on holiday/festival) you should turn ON  this option.
  • Sale Start Date: enter the starting date of sale for the present tour.
  • Sale End Date: enter the ending date of sale for the present tour.

  • Deposit payment options: Choose payment methods for deposit: percentage of the tour price, the amount of deposit, no deposit. Depending on the tour, you should choose an appropriate one.

Infomation settings:

In here, you can:

  • Select Type Tour: Specific date (date of activity is already set) or Daily Tour (no date is set)
    • With Specific dates, go to Availability to set price for each day range of you
    • With Daily activity, go to Price Setting tab to set price for activity, all days will display a general price in availability tab. If you want to change price for each day, you can change it in Availability tab
    • With Daily activity: require setting duration (days/hours)
  • Minimum days to book before departure: use mouse drag the slider to adjust the number of days
  • Allow external booking: TURN ON this option then enter link URL if you allow your client booking this Tour on another site.
  • Min of people: enter the minimum number of people for this Tour
  • Max number of people: enter the maximum number of people for Tour
  • Tour program: enter the programs for this Tour


The Calendar

The idea behind the front end booking calendar is that a client can easily view the availability

Fig.7 - Setting calendar
Fig.7 – Setting calendar
  • Button 1: Click to refresh to update price in calendar when add price have error
  • Button 2: Click to display previous month(s)
  • Button 3: Click to display next month(s)
  • Item 4: Previous month day(s), or day(s) that have passed. To properly separate this day(s), we reduced the opacity.
  • Item 5: Next month day(s). To properly separate this day(s), we reduced the opacity.
  • Item 6: Current day
  • Item 7: Day with unavailable status. This day will not display prices
  • Item 8: Day with available status. This day will display prices
  • Item 9: Day selected when click on the calendar, move mouse in the calendar to select multiple days
  • Item 10 & 11: Selected period for which you can make a price
  • Item 12: Set a price for an adult audience
  • Item 13: Set a price for a child audience
  • Item 14: Set a price for an infant audience
  • Item 15: Price detail of a day
  • Item 16: Set status for day range from item 10 to item 12
  • Button 17: Click to update price & status for day range from item 10 to item 12
Calendar view
  • Item 1: Click to display previous month(s).
  • Item 2: Click to display next month(s).
  • Item 3: Day with unavailable status or past day
  • Item 4: Day with available status
  • Item 5: Day selected to book
Fig. 7.2 - Calendar view
Fig. 7.2 – Calendar view
  • Allow cancellation: TURN OFF this option if you don’t allow your client Cancel the Tour
  • The number of days before the arrival: How many days in advance to cancel before the arrival?
  • Percent of total price: How much percentage of the money lost when canceled?

cancel Booking

Payment Setting

We now provide 4 payment methods: Submit form, Paypal, Stripe, Payfast (Fig 8)

  • Turn ON each payment method to enable
  • Turn OFF each payment method to disable


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