This is a tutorial video of how to create a new hotel & room hotel

How To Create new room hotel

Step 1 – Navigate to Rooms in your WordPress admin sidebar.

Step 2 – Click on the Add New option to make a new room hotel. Create a title, and insert your description about room hotel in the editing field. You can use any of our shortcode builder elements inside the post. You can add ST Post Data in single room hotel layout to display this element

Step 3 – Add Room Facilities from the right side. To assign it to the room hotel, check the box next to the Room Facilities name.

Step 4 – Add Room Type from the right side. Type the name of the room hotel theme in the field, separate multiple theme with commas.

Step 5 – For a single image, click the first Featured Image Box, select an image and click the Set Featured Image button.

Step 6 – Scroll down to Room Setting box, inside you can custom informations for your room

Step 7 – Once you are finished, click Publish to save the post.

Here Is A Screenshot That Shows The Various Areas Of The Room Hotel page Described Above.


Every room you create gets a single room page. The single room page displays all the content of the room (the image, text, descriptions, etc). There are various setting for the single room page, please see below for information on each section.

1 – Room Facilities:

  • Some basic Room Facilities, such as Air Conditioning, Bathtub, Flat Screen TV, etc are provided on the theme.
    When adding a new room information, tick facilities you want to. However, each room provides its own facilities beside the basic ones, you can add more new Room Facilities to the room.
  • Add Hotel Room Facility in single room hotel layout to display this element


How to create Room Facitilies:

There are 2 options to create Room Facilities:

Option 1: On each single room layout, from Room Facilites box in the right side . To create a new Room Facilities, click +New Room Facilities, then define a name and tick it for the room.

Options 2: Navigate Rooms -> Room Facilities, then define a name and its icon under New Room Facilities.


2 – Room Type:

This is used for selecting the featured room type of hotel such as Family room, Senior room, Room for president, etc

It is possible to add more new room type as you want


3 – Room Setting


  • This Location will be taken from your Location list, You just need to type to search and select the Location you want.
  • Address:  Enter the Address for Room

P/s: From version 1.2.6,  you can Booking Room without Hotel, you can read more here





  • Hotel: choose the hotel that the room belongs to, this is not necessary if you want to booking room without Hotel
  • Number of Rooms: Number of rooms available for booking
  • Gallery : Upload the room -related photos. You can use ST Hotel Room Gallery in single room layout to display this element
  • Hotel Room Layout: single room hotel have a default layout, you may have more options with the layouts are created. The layouts created by yourself (the guide here)


Price setting

–  Price: Enter the default price per night for room
– Extra Price: allow insert some extra price like Laundry services, cleaning service…

  • Title: Enter the Title of Extra service
  • Name of Item: Enter the name in Lowerkey + prefix extra_ (ex: extra_beverage)
  • Max of Number: Enter the limit of this service
  • Price: Enter price for extra service

– Price Unit this Extra services will be calculated per Day or Fixed
Ex: You rent a room in 7 days and You want to use Beverage service, you can select the payment form:
+ By Day: If you don’t use this server every day
+ Fixed: If you want to use it every day

– Discount Rate: allow input discount rate and set Sale Schedule
– Deposit payment options: allow disable or enable this option and custom number of deposit payment amount or percent


Room Facility:

  • Allow custom number of people (adult, child) in the room
  • Allow custom number of bed in the room
  • Allow input Room footage (square feet)
  • Allow Room external booking



  • Default State: Allow setting booking state for room, with Available state and Not Avalable state
  • Calendar: allow setting price and status for each day or range days
  • Add ST Room Hotel Calendar in single room hotel layout to display the calendar


Cancel Booking

  • TURN ON if allow customers cancel booking
  • Number of days before the arrival: allow cancel booking before how many days check-in


  • Allow TURN ON/OFF 1 in 4 payment method inluce Submit Form , Paypal, Stripe,  PayFast
  • You can setting payment method in Travaler Setting > Payment Options


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