Homepage with Half Map has many noticeable features. You can use it as a Homepage for Hotel. When you hover a hotel, its location symbol will bounce.

This is how to create a half map in Car section, you can watch to create hotel half map

Firstly, you go to Page > Add New page, using ST List Half Map element and template HOME

  • Title: enter title of Search map
  • Select Location : Choose a location where hotels are. Take Paris as an example
  • Type : Choose  Hotel type corresponding to the service in which your want.
  • Show Search Box : If you don’t want to show Search box, just choose “No”. If choose “Yes”, you can add optionally search fields
  • Number: number of hotels you want to show on the map
  • Map Position : choose postion of map ( left/right)
  • Map Height : you can customize height of map as you want
  • Fit Bound: 
  • Style Map: There’re 6 styles of Map (Normal, Midnight, Family Fest, Open Dark, Riverside, Ozan) Open Dark is used in Demo page

You can add search fields by add ST Search Field Hotel element become to child of ST List Half Map element

In this ST Search Field Hotel, you can custom parameters like in Traveler Settings

3-4-2016 3-01-41 PM


– You can use element ST List Half Map as banner section of Homepage. Moreover, you can use other elements as your wish to create a Home page.

– Use Template “Home”

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