Homepage with Full Map has many noticeable features. You can use it as a Homepage for Activity. When you hover a activity, its location symbol will bounce.

How to create a activity map page:

Firstly, you go to Page > Add New page, using ST List Map element and template Home 

  • 1 – Title: enter title of Search map
  • 2 – Type: select Normal type to become a normal page, select Search Page type to become a search page
  • 3 – Select Location : Choose a location for Normal type(forced to choose a location or multiple locations to locate the map).Take Paris as an example
  • 4 – Type : Choose Activity type corresponding to the service in which your want.
  • 5 – Show Search Box : If you don’t want to show Search box, just choose “No”. If choose “Yes”, you can add optionally search fields
  • 6 – Number: number of tours which you want to show on the map
  • 7 – Zoom: select a map ratio
  • 8 – Map Height :  enter a value (pixel) for fixed style  of map height
  • 9 – Fit Bound
  • 10 – Style Map: There’re 6 styles of Map (Normal, Midnight, Family Fest, Open Dark, Riverside, Ozan) Open Dark is used in Demo page
  • Button 11 – Click to close if unsave
  • Button 12: Click to save changes


You can add search fields by add ST Search Field Activity element become to child of ST List Map element


– You can use element ST List Map as banner section of Homepage. Moreover, you can use other elements as your wish to create a Home page.

– Use Template “Home”

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