WPML Basic Setup I am assuming that you have a working version of WordPress with theme installed and configured based on the documenation and sample data provided with in the theme package. Please follow the steps below to configure the basic settings for WPML Plugin. Install and Activate WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin. Go to WPML […]

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Manual translation

All our WordPress themes are translation-ready which means that you can easily translate them into any language you want. Here are some instructions: Firstly, navigate to Settings -> General -> Site language, choose your language. Secondly, navigate to the folder of the theme (wp-content/themes//) and in the folder languages/ (of the theme) you will find [...]
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Word by word translation

This post will help you resolve the troubles with changing text. Example: If you don't like: use text "BOOKING NOW" and you like "BOOKING" or "HOTEL" service to other service ("RESORT").. You  should watch the video below for a more specific instruction: Firstly, navigate to Settings -> General -> Site language, choose your language. Let's take [...]
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How to use Multilanguage in theme options

– Identify site language
– Select options for corresponding language

Conclusion: When you have problems with language on your site, remember to check settings in theme options, especially footer, fonts, post types,..

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Translate the web page in other language

By default, WPML will only display content that appears in each language. To display the same content in different languages, use WPML’s Content Duplication controls. In order to display the same content in different language, WPML provides content duplication. This will create the exact same content in different languages and keep the different copies synchronized. […]

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Language for Calendar

Calendar is one of important Part on site, but On some cases, our language library is not enough to use for some special country. So on this section, we will guide you How to build a new library for your site. Ah.. before starting, you should have some knowledge about Child-theme, it is really important for any [...]
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