What’s included

When you purchase our theme from ThemeForest, you can download the Trtaveler files via the ‘Downloads’ tab on your ThemeForest account. When you download Traveler, you can either choose the ‘All Files & Documentation’ option or the ‘Installable WordPress File Only’ option. The former includes the theme files and supporting documents, while the latter only includes […]

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Theme installation

1. Installation via WordPress Follow the steps below to install Traveler via WordPress. Step 1 - Unzip the package just downloaded from Themeforest. Find the folder theme and find the file traveler.zip inside it.   Step 2 - Log in to your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes  then click Install Themes tab and [...]
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How to update the theme

There are two ways to update your theme. The first method is to use our Auto Update feature which requires you to register your purchase via Product Registration. The second is the upload the theme manually, either via FTP or WordPress. This is the traditional method and this method requires you to download the theme […]

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Plugin Installation

Traveler requires two essential plugins to operate. These plugins are the Traveler Code plugin and the Visual composer plugin . We also recommend several free plugins that we use on our demos, but these aren’t required and you can install them only when necessary. TRAVELER ’S REQUIRED PLUGINS These plugins must be installed and activated at all times for [...]
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General Update Information

1. Always Backup Your Current Setup
2. Always Clear Various Forms of Cache
3. Do Not Keep Older Copies of The Theme In WP Theme Folder
4. Do Not Rename The Theme Folder
5. Reset Browser Cache, Server Cache And Plugin Cache
6. Update Child Theme
7. Required & Recommended Plugins Must Be Updated

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Backing Up Your Site & Theme Options

Backing up your site is an essential practice to ensure that you don’t lose any data during major changes or updates. Continue reading below to learn how to backup your site and your settings. Backing Up Your Site Backing up your website is highly recommended and is very important. There are several reasons why backing […]

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General Cache Information

Browser Cache – this is cache stored by your browser to allow your page content to load faster.
Plugin Cache – this is cache specifically from a 3rd party WordPress plugin.
Server Cache – this is cache imposed by your hosting company directly from your server.

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System Status Limits

IMPORTANT NOTE – Please know that each hosting service is different, and the methods mentioned below may or may not work for you. Before trying these methods to increase your system status limits, it’s always best to contact your respective hosts first and ask them if they can make these adjustments for you. Under the […]

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