Font Awesome

We are thanks for your attention. Today, we write a post about updating Font Awesome for current theme. To update font you  may follow these steps: Go to site: Font Awesome and download the newest version: Open FTP manage and access to the code folder that contain the site you want to update font. Open and […]

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How to upload Font flaticon

Step 1: Navigate to FlatIcon library.
Step 2. Unzip the file downloaded then re-zip files in “font” folder.
Step 3: Go to dashboard to upload the flaticon pack.
+ Video tutorial

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Create new Attribute

1. Go to Traveler Setting > Attribute
2. Enter the name of Attribute
3. Select Post-type for Attribute and Click to Add Attribute

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Custom Field for Service

Traveler theme just has limited Service facility options but You want to add more fields like "Neighborhood", "Parking", "Storage", "Ensuite Laundry", "Stories" and many more for Room of Hotel or other service .. So we have Custom Field Options for you, this post will guide you How to create Custom Field for Tour. Create Custom Field On Theme Options [...]
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Add Google API

From June 22, 2016 google will  no longer support keyless access (any request that doesn't include an API key).  That is reason why some Feature on Location is missed. On this post we can  guide you  How to get Google API for site. You also read more here To get Google API, You can go [...]
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