Backing up your site is an essential practice to ensure that you don’t lose any data during major changes or updates. Continue reading below to learn how to backup your site and your settings.

Backing Up Your Site

Backing up your website is highly recommended and is very important. There are several reasons why backing up your site is a good idea, and one of the primary reasons is to preserve your data in case of malicious attacks such as DDOS attacks, SQL injection attacks, trojan and malware injection, and the like.

Recommended Plugins To Use

  • VaultPress – A monthly subscription based service developed by Automattic, the company behind
  • BackupBuddy – A paid and premium WordPress backup and site restore plugin developed by iThemes
  • BackWPup – A free WordPress backup plugin with a paid Pro version, as well.

Backing Up Theme Options

The plugins mentioned above will backup your entire site, but if you’d like to export and backup just your Theme Option settings located in the Options Tree > Settings tab, then please follow the steps below. You can also fetch your Theme Options’ Export URL on one site and use them to import the same Theme Options settings on another site.

Step 1 – Navigate to the Options Tree > Settings> Import / Export tab.

Step 2 – Find the ‘Export Options’ section, and choose Theme Options. Copy Data to text file to backup the Theme Options data directly. Or you can click the ‘Export Setting File’ button to download the .PHP file.

Step 3 – To import your backup Theme Options, find the ‘Import Options’ section and copy all data on file you have just backup and paste to Theme Options.