Car is one of noticeable features of Traveler. It is separate from other features, so you can turn Traveler into a website only for travel Cars.

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1. How to add a list of Cars on Homepage

You only need to add a new row then use element  ST List of  Car to enter information:

  • List ID in Car : Take out special Cars in this list by ID([Car ID]), each item separated by a comma.
  • Select By Taxonomy :  Select the taxonomy if you jst need show the feature category
  • Number Car: how many Cars you want to show.
  • Order By : how you arrange list.
    • None : take out default value
    • Author : by order of authors (when an Car is contributed by several authors)
    • Title : by name of the post
    • Type : by type of Cars
    • Date : from latest day or oldest day
    • Modified : by order of modified time (In case you update promotion or information and want to highlight them in the beginning of the page)
    • Rand : Order randomly
    • Comment Count : order by the number of comments on each Car ( in case authors activate comment feature of each Car. The more comments Car has, the more it’s moved to first lines.
    • Price : order by price of Cars and services
    • Rate: Order by review ( star vote)
    • Discount rate: Order by discount schedule.
  • Order : arrange list ascendingly or descendingly
  • Number of row :  number of items in each line
  • Sort By Taxonomy : if you want to order items by categories.

2. Layout Car Detail

To create an Car layout showing detailed information, you need to use the following elements:

3. Layout Search Car

To create a layout for searching Cars, you need to use: ST Single Search(form Search is Car) and information such as outstanding activites or famous spots.

4. Layout Search Result for Car

To create a layout for showing Car search results, you need to use ST Car Search Result to get results and ST Filter to filter results by some critearia.

5. Car ID

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